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General Electro-mecanique (Pvt.) Ltd. was established in 1978, basically as an Electrical Power Engineering Company. During this long period of time we have executed a variety of projects inside as well as outside the Pakistan covering all aspects of electrical engineering which shall be evident from the list of Works Executed.

However, by 2004 due to the advent of Telecom Industry, we started executing projects like building BTS Sites and MSCs for various Telecom Companies. This involved considerable Civil Engineering works forcing us to develop an independent Civil Engineering Division. Since then we have built BTS sites for M/s Warid Telecom and 12 MSCs / MGWs for M/s Telenor Pakistan, all involving Building Construction along with other works.

 - Telecom Main Switching Centre
 - Telecom BTS Sites
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 - Commercial Buildings
 - Telecom Main Switching Centre
 - Telecom BTS Sites
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